Online Tabla Learning: Master the Art of Indian Percussion Remotely

The tabla is an Indian Percussion Music instrument with a 5000-year history. Tabla is incredibly essential in the Indian Classical World since it is commonly utilised to accompany both Hindustani Classical Vocal Recitals and Carnatic Music Recitals. Tabla, coupled with Harmonium, has a special position in bhajan and ghazal singing. Tabla.

The percussion instrument is divided into two parts: Dayan and Bayan.

Now the internet has allowed students to get lessons from any Ustad ji from anywhere through online classes. Online Tabla classes are offered by many institutes with all care and impart all kinds of support to handle the instrument and know the fundamentals.

Tabla Structure- The Basics

It comprises of two drums, the right one being tabla and the left being Bayan. The correct drum is constructed of wood such as season, Khair, mango wood, and so on. Steel, copper, and brass are used to make the left Bayan. The correct drum’s diameter ranges from 5 to 7 inches, while the left drum’s diameter ranges from 9 to 10 inches. Every drum referred to as Pudi is made from hide. It’s a one-of-a-kind instrument.

The leather braces unit of measurement will not provide tension to drums. Shyahi is pasted on Pudi, which produces a nice tone. The Arabic and Persian civilizations have had a significant effect on this instrument, and the term Tabla comes from the Arabic word Tabla, which means “drums.”

Discover How To Play Tabla Bol

In contrast to the Western form of musical notation, tabla van uses a system of wordings. The bol, or basic part of the music on tabla, is known as the bol. Each bol represents a sound made on the tabla.

Bols are classified into two types:

  • Single-handed bols – These bols can only be used with one hand. This means that they can only be performed on the daya tabla or the baya tabla.
  • Two-handed bols- As the name implies, two-handed bols must be produced with both hands.

If you want to be a tabla player, you need to learn about tabla bol and study beats and rhythms

What Are The Two Types Of Style For Tabla Playing?

Two styles are followed which are called Baj:

  • Paschim Baj -In this Baj, the tabla chati (a section of the Tabla from which a distinctive tone may be made) is utilised more, and two fingers are employed more in playing. This is followed by the Delhi and Ajrana Gharana playing styles.
  • Purbi Baj-The sound is resonant in this Baj, and it is closer to the playing manner of the pakhawaj, with more use of claws with fingers.


Earn tabla with the proper tutor – If you can learn tabla, pick the correct mentor.  Given the proper instructions, so that hand care and tabla playing may be done correctly, and you have become a skilled tabla musician. If you are opting for online, make sure you check the reviews of the students and ratings too.

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