How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signals with the Google Nest Router

Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our lives. You can’t go a single day without the use of the internet because so much of what we do on a daily basis is linked to the internet or requires internet connectivity. Whether it’s uploading an assignment or taking a Skype work call from home, or even just using your installed smart thermostat, a stable internet connection that doesn’t lag every few minutes, or take forever to open up a web page is absolutely necessary.

With smart home devices, a stable and strong internet connection is crucial, without which most of your devices will be rendered useless since they can’t exactly work up to the potential that they were made for. Would you rather wait 5 minutes for your voice assistant to finally turn on the light bulb, or would you rather just walk up and turn on the switch yourself?

If you have a larger house with a big square coverage or even with multiple floors, a single Wi-Fi router or even two can never fully meet your bandwidth needs, which is why you would then invest in Wi-Fi extenders to maximize Wi-Fi signals. But let us give you the real picture, with most extenders the quality of the Wi-Fi signals becomes weak throughout the house. And we all know how crazy home internet prices can be if you try to increase the speed.

How the Google Nest Router Can Solve Your Internet Problems

With a Wi-Fi router like the Google Nest Router, users can connect up to multiple devices to the device simultaneously. And when paired with the Nest Point, they can connect up to 200 devices! Crazy right? This just goes to show how strong the Wi-Fi signals remain and how they maintain their connectivity no matter how many devices are connected to it at a single time. A perfect device for all households that have a higher internet and Wi-Fi consumption. It’s ideal for families with growing children who spend their time learning on the internet, college students, homeowners with multiple smart home devices, and gamers as well!

The Nest Router on its own can provide seamless connectivity to an area of around 2200 square feet. With Wi-Fi points throughout the house, the Nest acts as a mesh of connections that are able to provide reliable internet connectivity throughout the premises. And with this mechanism of adding additional Points, the Wi-Fi connectivity is extended to cover an area of 3800 square feet! With the Google Nest Router, users won’t have to give up on the luxury and reliability of a smooth Wi-Fi connection. You would be able to stream movies in 4k, use all your interconnected smart home devices, with your brother play his online game in the next room, all at once, how cool is that?

Nest Router: Features

We all know how annoying it is when a huge chunky-looking Wi-Fi router placed at the TV console messes up the whole look and feel of your house with its wires sprawled around too. Let’s just say that a Wi-Fi router is anything but aesthetic. Google seems to have kept these design choices in mind and created a device that can fit perfectly into any aesthetic, and even add an extra level of minimalism and a modern look with its routers and Wi-Fi points. If you’re worried about color-coding, fear not for the Nest is available in 4 colors that can add that extra pop of color to any living space.

With the Google Nest Wi-Fi router, you can easily control and see what is being streamed. If you have little ones at home who have access to the internet with their IPad and laptops, it’s easier to block any unwanted or explicit sites right from your smartphone device. Similarly, you can also easily set up your Wi-Fi device right through the Google Home app itself, but don’t worry if you’re not that tech-savvy since it’s completely easy-to-do process with step-by-step instructions.

Is There Any Other Option

If the Nest Wi-Fi Router is a little out of your range, Google offers another variant to meet your needs. This other variant is known as the Google Wi-Fi Router which starts at $99 and provides a fast and reliable connection almost as good as the Nest Wi-Fi Router but is available in a single color. However, its base coverage level is 1500 square feet which can be increased up to 4500 square feet if you were to install 3 Wi-Fi points, so overall it is not a bad option when it comes to affordability and efficiency.

Switching to a smart router would be a game-changer in your home when it comes to internet connectivity. Especially with the recent global pandemic where practically the whole world was confined into their homes, we all saw how crucial the need for seamless connectivity really is in our homes. So what are you waiting for? Check out and get yourself the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router today!

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